To Share or Not To Share…

I’ve been thinking about writing a post for a while but haven’t felt comfortable for some reason. It’s time to be vulnerable again…

It’s been a long year. The end of a hectic job, the daunting feeling of leaving everything behind to explore this incredible planet and then coming back to the battle of sticking to what my true self wants.

Life most certainly is about the journey and not the destination. Days that stand out when we were travelling, weren’t about the 7 hour trek to a summit or a tour around a gorgeous town. It’s the days of being held hostage in a room by the wind and rain, the tranquility of a town so small that an hour was all it gave for sightseeing then a coffee shop or your room was the only option as everything was closed. These days allowed a time that does not seem to be gifted in everyday life unless you knowingly grant it. These days I allowed myself to pick up a book I had pushed aside for years, time to pick up the laptop and write a blog post or time to just lie and think of absolutely nothing as you’d exhausted every other avenue of what you should be worried about. These were the days with the biggest impact and the most profound revelations.

Tim and I have very different emotional experiences of our travels, he is very balanced and fortunate to know himself very well. I on the other hand had been running from myself for most of my life and was now confronted with a decision to actively keep running or open my eyes and ears and pay attention.

Books helped with this, the euphoria moment was finally going back to The Power of Now and not only enjoying it but letting it sink in and then wanting more from it. More and more books followed, the learning curve should have been breath-taking but deep down none of this was new to me. My true self had had enough time to appear and I was just confirming what I knew all along but on a superficial level had been too afraid to accept.

It may just be my current surroundings but the world feels on the brink of a revolution. We are finally grasping how incredible our minds are and what we can achieve with them. It’s ok to think differently. You can be creative without being arty, you can work without being in an office, retirement doesn’t have to be a boundary if you don’t want it. You can keep reinventing yourself and developing yourself. Boundaries are coming down and individuals are standing up. This accountability, for the majority, isn’t for ego it’s for education. To show others that it’s good to be different, to think outside of the ‘box’, to try something new when all around you are saying you probably shouldn’t and it’s time to rest.

I read an article the other day and it argued how we shouldn’t do what we love but to

“Do what you have to give.”

What you have to give. What is already within you. Your gifts are not random, they are a blueprint for your destiny. There’s more to your life than just what you think will make you happy. Your real talents may not stroke your ego as much, but if you apply to them the kind of higher thinking that allows you to find the purpose within them, you will be able to get up every single day and work diligently. Not because you are stoking your senses and stroking your ego, but because you are using what you have.

You are doing what you came here to do.

I think so many of us fight this in order to do what is considered to be right but at some point your unhappiness will break you and if you allow yourself out of the other side, you’ll start to feel whole. By sharing your unique talents and start doing what you’re actually here to do. You know what you’re good at, it’s time to let other people know so you can empower them to let go too.


14 thoughts on “To Share or Not To Share…

    1. colettemccarthy says:

      By not bowing too money and doing work that makes me smile and gives me time to do the things I love. Its taken a while to realise this and allow it to happen…and to write more blogs, that’s still the scariest part x

  1. Judith Aston says:

    My dearest niece I am touched by the wisdom that shines out from you…… Keep shining…… Keep being the authentic self that touches all around you to awaken…….. So that the universe quickens…… jude xxxx

  2. Jane Leonard says:

    Hitting words like baseballs.
    Keep blogging Colette – “you know what you’re good at – it’s time to let other people know so you can empower them to let go too!”
    There’s nothing scary about it,
    6 words back at you –
    people will read, or not read. Well done.

  3. Daniela says:

    It’s scary. When we moved here and when I initially left the UK I kind of felt that I was seen as a failure. Throwing away a degree to teach abroad and worse than that leaving a job to go live on an island that is seen as having little to offer. But you reminded me that you can’t be a failure if you’re giving. So thank you. Right now am giving to my children my time and have started a master’s so that in a couple of year’s time I can start giving again as a stare school teacher as I love teaching. It’s hard. It’s even harder living somewhere where not only the language but the mentality is completely different. But once again you’ve just reminded me that standing out isn’t such a bad thing. Bloody wish you lived closer so you could remind me more often! Massive hug xxx

    1. colettemccarthy says:

      Sounds like you’re students are going to be fortunate to have you Dan x am glad that when I write I can reinforce that being you is important and that you should keep doing it. Bet your kids are incredible with you as their mother xxxx

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